THE CUSTOM CHEF™ Icon Magnetic Trophy Knife Block Stainless Steel


$259.99 $129.99 Save 50%

YOUR KITCHEN TROPHY™ -  Display your favorite kitchen knife proudly on the Icon Magnetic Knife Block from THE CUSTOM CHEF™.


  • The Icon Magnetic knife block is sleek and slim in design, crafted with a premium quality tempered glass body and brushed stainless steel elements for a modern and understated look.
  • YOUR KITCHEN TROPHY™ is a double sided magnetic knife block comfortably displays up to 2 knives.
  • Constructed from premium tempered glass with brushed stainless steel finishes
  • 2 super strong magnets hold your knives securely against the block
  • Magnetic block style allows knives to dry thoroughly, preventing build up of mould of corrosive bacteria
  • Heavy weighted base with non slip feet helps to ensure a firm grip on your counter top
  • Designed to display your knives like a trophy
  • Add a personalized monogrammed knife to your order for the ultimate trophy addition

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