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From humble beginnings in Australia in 1985, the #1 Knife and Cookware brand in the Southern Hemisphere was born.

From the start, we set out to create good quality, safe cookware for all. Over the years we have expanded our range in response to customer needs to include knives, gadgets, and kitchenware.

Our knives are loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. We are the brand for every chef, with a knife to suit each style of cooking and kitchen. For over thirty years we have been the Number One cookware and knife brand in Australia, providing Australians with the finest quality Stainless Steel knives that are crafted to combine style with functionality.

Cuisine::pro® is now ready to bring the best Australia has to offer in innovation and manufacturing excellence, to the most discerning customer base in the world.


Sourcing the finest quality Japanese and German steel, our knives are manufactured using traditional bladesmith techniques that ensure optimum hardness, strength, balance and handling. Forged in fire and ice, our knives are designed for a lifetime of cooking and carry the weight of a Lifetime Guarantee.


Each range has been meticulously designed with function, innovation and aesthetic appeal in mind.

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