Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR Utility Knife 12cm 4in


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The Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR Utility Knife (12cm/4.5") is a medium sized versatile knife. It is a 'must-have knife' with all-rounder performance for every Chef in every kitchen. It has a curved blade edge that Cooks will effortlessly slice, portion or chop with precision and control.


The Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR knives by THE CUSTOM CHEF™ have been crafted from the finest Japanese Steel 420J2, and ice-hardened ensuring superior blade strength and durability. The Damashiro® EMPEROR range features distinctive Damascus inspired blades inspired by traditional Japanese craftsman and Samurai sword makers. Characteristic of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water.

The Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR Japanese Steel has been mined in the same Japanese region of Chuo-Ku Chiba since the middle of the last century. Each knife in the Damashiro® EMPEROR range has been engineered and tested to meet Rockwell 53 specification, guaranteeing the blades hardness and optimum Performance. All Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR knives are forged steel with traditional hammered tsuchime.

Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


  • The Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® EMPEROR Utility knife is a medium-sized all purpose knife. Ideal for every-day essential kitchen functions such as cutting cheese, chopping fruit and vegetables, and slicing fish.
  • Each Damashiro® blade undergoes a Premium Japanese leather sharpening process, providing an even sharper cutting blade.
  • Engineered and tested to meet Rockwell 53 specification guaranteeing a blades hardness and optimum performance.
  • Ice hardened and Twice sharpened for superior cutting edge.
  • Forged steel with traditional hammered tsuchime.
  • The handle is crafted from dark Pakkawood.
  • Blade angle 15-20°
  • Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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