Cuisine::pro® iconiX® Folding 3 Step Knife Sharpener



The Cuisine::pro® iconiX® Folding 3 Step Knife Sharpener is perfect for maintaining razor sharp and high quality Japanese knives. The sharpener uses a diamond and ceramic sharpening wheels to achieve a thinner and more precise cutting edge.


Cuisine::pro® iconiX® knives by THE CUSTOM CHEF™ have been crafted from the finest German Stainless Steel 1.4116. This traditional German style of knife is favoured & loved by European Master Chefs around the world. German craftsman and blade-smith technology are at the very core of every knife. Cuisine::pro® iconiX® blades are made from premium German Stainless Steel that have been mined in Germany since last century.

Cuisine::pro® iconiX® premium German Steel blades are forged in fire and ice to deliver the highest cutting performance, with the perfect weight and balance. Each blade is produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure the best possible hardness, toughness and blade flexibility.

Each blade is designed with a durable polymer handle that has been contoured for a comfortable grip.

Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


  • This intelligent Cuisine::pro® iconiX® knife sharpener allows for coarse sharpening to repair and sharpen dull blade edges, transforming your knives back to their former glory. It features a honing ability adding a refined edge to a freshly sharpened blade.
  • Step 1 - Prep: A diamond abrasive edge to shape the burr-free edge.
  • Step 2 - Sharpen: A tungsten steel blade for sharpening the dull edge
  • Step 3 - Polish: Ceramic edge that finishes the job by polishing the edge
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for comfort and control.
  • Non-slip rubber feet provide stability and ensured safety.
  • Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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