Cuisine::pro® ARTISAN™ Finster 7 Piece Knife Block



Enjoy exceptional strength, precision and sharpness with the Cuisine::pro® ARTISAN® Finster™ 7 Piece Knife Block. This premium quality kitchen knife collection is perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping all kinds of fresh ingredients.


ARTISAN™ brings precision and blade-smith perfection to Cuisine::pro® by THE CUSTOM CHEF™, so now the choice of the great Master Chefs can be yours at home. The Cuisine::pro® ARTISAN™ knives collection combines all the superb technical characteristics favored by chefs all around the world.


  • The Cuisine::pro® Finster™ 7 Piece Knife Block contains: 1x All Purpose Kitchen Scissors, 1x 9cm/3.5" Paring Knife, 1x 12.5cm/5" Utility Knife, 1x 18cm/7" Santoku Knife, 1x 20cm/8" Carving Knife, 1x 20cm/8" Chefs Knife. Housed in a stylish knife block to showcase your blades.
  • High-quality German Stainless Steel 1.4116 blades are forged and heat treated to ensure longer lasting edge and greater strength.
  • Each blade has been forged in fire and ice to deliver the highest cutting performance with perfect weight and balance.
  • Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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