Cuisine::pro® iconiX™ Sharpening Steel 20cm/8in



Keep your kitchen blades honed to an extra sharp edge with the premium iconiX™ Sharpening Steel by Cuisine::pro®! Introducing bladesmith perfection to your kitchen, this sharpening steel ensures that your kitchen knives will never stay dull. It is a professional sharpening steel rod made of high carbon stainless steel for durability and strength. Designed with a hand guard, the iconiX™ Sharpening Steel prevents the blade from swiping the hand when in use for maximum safety. This innovative kitchen tool is designed with durable polymer handles that are contoured for an ultra comfortable grip. Coordinate with additional pieces from the iconiX™ range by Cuisine::pr® for the ultimate premium German steel knife collection.


  • The Cuisine::pro® iconiX™ Sharpening Steel 20cm/8 is a professional sharpening steel rod that is made of high-quality carbon steel.
  • Hand guard will assist in preventing the blade from swiping the hand when in use.
  • Forged to produce perfect control, weight and balance.
  • Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Cuisine::pro® iconiX™ knives have been crafted fromthe finest German Stainless Steel 1.4116.  This traditional German style of knife is favoured & loved by European Master chefs around the world.  German craftsman and bladesmiths technology are at the very core of every knife.   Cuisine::pro® iconiX™ blades are made from premium German Stainless Steel that have been mined in Germany since last century.

Cuisine::pro® iconiX™ premium German Steel blades are forged in fire and ice to deliver the highest cutting performance with perfect weight and balance.Each blade is produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure the best possible hardness, toughness and blade flexibility.

Each blade is designed with a durable polymer handle that has been contoured for a comfortable grip.

Backed by the Cuisine::pro® LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

German Stainless Steel 1.4116

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